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Default Re: Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade

Weeeeeeeeell, Midterms are evil guys and gals--but this insanity is the only way to keep my sanity, SO I'm going to update this even if it kills me xD

Suicune, would you like to take it away?

<Hmm, yes, I suppose I have the time... And considering how dull and unimportant this run would be without me...>

Just get on with it. :P

<Right. I believe when we last left off, Char picked up an egg from the social recluse Mr. Pokemon, and had an encounter with the angry ginger--I mean, mysteriously short-tempered young man. Now she's making her way back to Professor Elm's lab, jumping off ledges like a reckless juvenile delinquent. Miraculously, she made the return trip in half the time it took to travel through it the first time.

Strange how time works like that, eh?>

*grumbles something about programmers*

<Before she could stop to admire the work of the programmers, she finds herself back in her home town, right before Professor Elm’s lab. Police cars were gathered all around the front entrance, flashing their red and white sirens.>

Where are you seeing this? I don’t see any police cars. Or lights. In fact, there’s only one cop here, and he’s inside talking to Professor Elm right now.

<I’m allowed to use some creative license, aren’t I? Use a little imagination here.>

No thanks—I’d rather deal with one cop rather than twenty.

<Very well. Char goes inside the laboratory, passes the assistant who’s practically foaming over himself, and walks straight to the back where Elm is speaking to a man in a blue uniform.>


“Char! You’re back!”

“What’s this? You say you know who stole Elm’s Pokemon?”

“Indeed, sir, I do! It was a young man with long red hair!”

“Yes! That’s exactly what Elm just told me! Is there anything else you know about him? Did you happen to catch his name?”

LoL, nope. “Of course! His name is… Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen!”

“Right… Smitty Wer… uh… That doesn’t quite fit in the spaces, if you know what I mean. Did he have a nickname?”

“I think he preferred to go by Silver.”

“Excellent! Thank you for your good work citizen! Keep a sharp eye for this Smitty Werben…”


“Werben… Ah, just look out for the kid. I’m gonna go buy a coffee.”

“Thank you officer!”

“What a terrible turn of events… Oh, but Char, what was Mr. Pokémon wanting?”

“Oh, yeah! He wanted me to give you this: BEHOLD, A POKEMON EGG!”

“What? An Egg? But this means… Pokémon can reproduce?”

“Apparently. But before this gets awkward, guess who else I ran into?”

“Who would that be?”

“That dastardly fiend Professor Oak!”

“Professor Oak? He’s in Johto? Why didn’t I hear about this?”

“Probably because you need to get out more often… Anyway, he gave me a PokeDex.”

“He did? Do you know what this means?”

“He’s too lazy to do anything himself?”

“It means he saw great potential in you as a Trainer! You should take on the Pokemon League!”

“Oh, I intend to, Professor. I intend to >:3 Can you remind me where the first gym is?”

“Violet City, if I recall correctly. Are you going, then? You should go tell your mother before you leave like the responsible young woman that you are.”

“Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine, if I have to… Later, Prof!”

“Keep us updated, Char! Oh, and I’ll let you know if we make any discoveries with this egg!”


“AAAH! Oh, it’s you, unnamed assistant. Er, what can I help you with?”

“It’s dangerous to go alone! Take these!”

“Free Poke Balls? Why, you shouldn’t have! ;D”

“Good luck on filling up that Dex! Seriously, good luck. I tried once. And failed. Miserably. ANYWAY be a good girl! 8D”

“Yeah, and you… Try to stay away from coffee for a bit, mkay?”

“But I was just making some for the police officer and myself D:”

“Aaaaaand that’s my cue to leave. PEACE.”

<And now, the Nuzlocke can really begin… Mwahahaha…>

That sounded evil…

<Mmm? Oh, that wasn’t me.>

I’m pretty sure it was. It had the same colored text and was enclosed by inequality signs and everything.

<Char, my dear, I have no idea what you’re talking about.>

Suuuuuuure. Anyway, I guess I better go talk to my parental unit.


“Char! There you are! I was so worried! I was just about to call the cops!”

“That probably wouldn’t have done you any good. They were kind of busy at Professor Elm’s place, actually…”

“Goodness! What happened?”

“One of his Pokémon got stolen, but that’s not important. Guess what?”

“Not important? Char!!”

“No, no, it’s all good—I found out who did it.”

“You did? But how? Honey, you better start telling me where you’ve been for the past few hours.”

<And so, Char launched into her story, beginning with Professor Elm’s errand and ending with the police interview.>

“Wow. All that happened?”

“Yeppers. So, uh… I’m going to go challenge the League now and stuff.”

“You’re what?”

“Yeah, I’ll be sure to call in and check with ya often and all. First I’m going to go to Violet City and—”

“Not tonight, you’re not!”

“But Mooooooom!”

“Don’t ‘but mom’ me! Someone in this video game has to be responsible for you, and I’m not going to let you take off again in the middle of the night!”

“Hmm… You’re more considerate than I remember. But what about the Gym challenge?”

“If you’re that bent on going… you can leave in the morning.”

“Ugh… Fine. I’ll wait till tomorrow… Maybe I’ll be able to catch some cooler Pokémon during the morning time…”

<Thus Char was sent to her room to wait out the night until a more reasonable time to be travelling about came along. The timid rays of the morning sun shone upon the little village of New Bark, finding Char saying her last good bye’s to her hometown.>

“Farewell, my hometown! I only knew you for a few brief moments but I will never forget you!”

[Flash forward to the future]

“Oh, I’m from some backwater town in the south. I think it’s called Littleroot or Twig Town or something like that.”

[Flash back to the past]

“Is there anything I can do for you, Char?”

“Nope, I think I’m good.”

“Are you sure?”


“Oh! I know! I’ll keep an eye on your money!”

“No, really. I’m good. You don’t need to do that.”

“No worries, hun! I’ll keep your funds safe and sound!”


<Placing her trust in her mother, Char set out to retrace her steps for the umpteenth time. Yet it felt to her as if she was truly seeing Route 29 in a new light—for now, she had Poke Balls. Now, she could finally capture her own Pokémon. Now, the Nuzlocke truly begins.>

“Hey! I’ve seen you around a few times! Have you captured any Poke—”

“Back off, kid, I know what I’m doing.”


Okay, I know my first encounter here was originally a Rattata… But this is a fresh, clean slate! Let’s see what our real first encounter will be… *please not Rattata, please not Rattata…*

<Crossing her fingers, Char steps into the tall grass… and suddenly a wild Pokemon appeared!>


Rattata appeared.

…Fine… Might as well catch this thing. *Throws a Poke Ball*

<The ball rolls once… twice… then bursts open. You’re not very good at this, poppet. Your aim is terrible.>

FFFFFFFFFF You’re not worth this! *throws another*

Captured! Taz, Male Level 2

“…You’re only level two?”

<Well, excuuuuuuuuuuuse me, princess, but I had better things to do.>

“…Yergoingindabox. Next chance we get!”

<Unfortunately, not every Rattata can be in the top percentage. Still, Char heads northward to see what other areas she could chance for encounters. Her path eventually leads her to a dead end at Route 49.>

What is the point of this area again? *turns around*

<Yo, man, you in mah turf! Get out before I crush you flat!>

A Geodude? Sweeeeeet!

<Hey, what do you think you’re-->

Captured! Beat, Male, Level 2

“Aw, you’re only level 2, too? …Two to… Tu? ….Also?”

<If you even think about putting me in a tu-tu, I’ll beat the living pulp outta ya.>

“Well, you’re forgiven. Because you’re rock-typage will troll everyone at this point >:D”


<After grinding Beat up to a reasonable level—and neglecting poor Taz—Char skips over Cherrygrove and makes her way through Route 30 once more.>

Okay, so it’s daylight again… so I probably won’t encounter a Spinarak again… But how cool would it have been to catch one? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Nuzlocke with a Spinarak before! :D Ah, well, let’s see what I’ll get…

<The grass before Char quivers and shakes… then suddenly! A wild Poliwag appeared!>


Captured! Globox, Male Level 4

<Ah, finally. A water type. Now this team is shaping up.>

<Haaaaaaaai guys! Hai! I’m new :3 My name’s Globox! Oh, look! A pretty flower! :D Hello pretty flower! My name's Globox!>

<… I take that back.>

<Yo, man, I’m getting tired of all this Rattata beatin’. Can we get some serious competition here or what?>

“How about some Trainer battles, guys?”

<Now that’s what I’m talking about!>

<Toby approves of this>

<Can I...?>



<Poor Taz... doomed to sit out the entire game... But of course, nothing is certain in this Nuzlocke. Circumstances may... change...>

Dude, stahp. Stahp with the ominous comments at the end of every post!

<Until next time, my sweet audience...>


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