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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

Name: Yellow
Location: Fighting over Lee



After a few moments Spin seemed to calm down. The mistrust for Markus and a team that would kidnap someone blew her mind. Keeping this guy with them also didnt make any sense. They werent trained for this, they had narrowly escaped two life or death situations. The tension in the group would only get worse as Spin would stop.
"We are not going where ever you are trying to take us Markus. You have proven to be untrustworthy, you are keeping important information from us." Spin pauses taking out a map. She looks over it for a moment. She choices to go a different direction of Markus.
"We are going to head east into the farm town. We need to heal our pokemon and maybe we can drop this guy off with a sheriff. We have to much going on to have to watch over someone we do not know..Markus you are welcome to join along or go on your own."

Yellow had always been the one person to remain happy. The stress of the situation had caused her to feel a little off. When Spin stopped she stopped. Spin had been the one keeping them on track. Yellow looked at Markus with a bit of mistrust. She had felt some of his memories..while they were blurry she had not gotten an evil vibe from Lee. Spins words seemed logical.
"Im going with Spin.." Yellow looked at Damien to come with.
"Whatever is going on between us needs to stop. We have not right to make anyone follow us. I dont think Lee is a bad person, but if he has done something wrong lets local police deal with this..There is no point to drag this poor guy through Union Cave."

Yellow walks up to Lee and says something only he can hear.
" I know you have powers..I also dont believe you are a bad person..If you stay with us it will only get worse for all of us."

Lee doesnt seem to have much of a choice, as he changes direction so does Damien. Spin doesnt address Markus after this point.

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