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Default Elder Scrolls Club =D (Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Skyrim, etc.)

Thank you Eternal Moonlight for the link(and for troubleshooting my stupidity).
Thank you memegenerator for the pic.
Thank you Bethesda for such a great series.
*wonders if it will work*
Hey guys, you ever want to talk about any of the Elder Scrolls games but you seem to have nowhere on this forum to do so?
Well now you do! (Yay, you may take this moment to cheer if you wish.)

So What can you do here:
1. Talk about the Elder Scrolls games in general.
2. Discuss the best race of the Elder Scrolls.

*cough* Open Discussion: Argonians! End Discussion! *cough*
3. Discuss your favorite of the Nine Divines.
4. Discuss your favorite Daedric Prince.
5. Discuss your favorite Guild.
6. Discuss Sweet Rolls and the theft of said item.
7. Gloat about how amazing your character. (because we all just want to hear about that lol)
8. Well pretty much anything pertaining to any of the content of any of the games is free game for discussion.
9. If you need any help with something in-game, you can ask here.
10. Oh, and you can also just talk about your character and equipment and that type of stuff. (just in case that wasn't clear enough)

1. Of course obey the rules of PE2K. (Not doing so will invoke the wrath of Sithis.)
2. It is a game rated *not for children under a specific age* in most cases, so if you really want to discuss something from the games that would fall under this category, use spoiler code and leave a content warning that explains at least vaguely why it is in spoilers. (Not obeying this rule will invoke the wrath of Sithis.)
(Spoiler code is [spoilerx][/spoilerx] without the x's that I tossed in so it could be seen)
3. Don't be a troll. (Doing so will invoke the wrath of Sithis)
4. Have fun... or I will have to call Sanguine.

So if you wanna talk about anything Elder Scroll related... Go ahead and do it.
To sign up, simply post that you want to join and start talking about Elder Scrolls.

Your Current Guild Master:
(Anyone Else want the Job?)

Eternal Moonlight
Negative Zone
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"I was talking with a friend, and we ended up with Zeus being Mr. Clean and going around banishing dust with a single wipe"
-Eternal Moonlight
VPP stats Elder Scroll Club

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