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Default Re: [Mewtwo Invasion] Round 1 - Saraibre Ryu vs. Socratic Sarcasm (Judge: 3m0d0ll).

“How predictable to the verge of disappointment. Cayci, let’s educate this opponent of ours. Charge it up.”

Those were my first thoughts, and only thoughts. Clearly I was giving my opponent more credit than he was deserving of. I pulled my hands out of my pockets, feeling the air become much, much more dry at a rapid rate. Cayci wasn’t bothered, in fact, she was smiling about it. The dry air, passing over her golden fur caused more electricity to spark and dance all over. This effect passed onto her webs, sparking and having thin charges of electricity dance between each section. Cayci lowered her front mandibles, ignoring the heat as it intensified around her. She wanted it to, and show her lamp friend its first mistake. Light orbs began to form between her smaller limbs, however rather than becoming a much larger orb like a typical Charge Beam attack, each orb was placed on the electric composed web, sucking it in as each section lit up and started to obtain a pulsing light to it. As the pulses passed through the Light Screen, the hexagonal section a line of lighting went through lit up, also charging the Light Screen with an electrical charge.

“Let me give you a Galvantula one-o-one.” I told my opponent. “First, that web is composed out of nothing but electricity, and when the air is dry, the static flies.”

It would save the webs from being burnt to a crisp, but the trees it were attached to, if it was attached to them, weren’t going to be saved. Yes the flames were still going to burn along lines of electricity, but not cause them to shrivel, as there was nothing to shrivel to begin with. Electricity, does not shrivel. Sparks flew as flames met lightning, forcing it to the ground and running up the lines. Cayci continued to feed Charge Beam into her web until she finally stopped, taking two of the main lines in her tiny arms and letting out a bluish white Thunderbolt attack, feeding a constant electrical charge to it. The two main network lines ceased the two main flows of flames, and the flames started to change into different shapes and sizes. Cayci put her first set of legs on another set of lines, and her back ones following suit, maintaining an electric pulse through at least six main lines of lightning thread, keeping the flames at bay.

“Second, electricity is dominant over fire; it can change the shape and flow of it, even the heat from it. That’s one way these bugs have evolved to control electricity.”

Sparks of embers and volts few as fire danced over the waves of electricity, turning it blue and yellow, red and amber, and thanks to the now, dry air, static was jumping from one section of thread to the other, creating quite the light show of its own. As Cayci was able to snuff out some of the fire, there was still another issue at hand.

The Inferno attack. I knew that even with our control thanks to natural science, that wasn’t going to be held back easy. With the sun shining brightly, there weren’t the best weather conditions for creating a dead bolt of lightning from the sky. That’s when it hit me, I didn’t need to use a Thunder attack, I would use the damn sun. Looking back at Cayci, the flames were coming for her quickly, and she was going to have barely any time to escape.

“Cayci let’s hit the sky!”

Cayci let go of the lines she was using to keep the majority of the flames back just as the Inferno attack was going to collide, vaulting herself into the air with her long, powerful legs. Bluish flames licked at her fur just as she appeared to be jumping out of an explosion of hell. It even caught part of her fur on fire; however one thing fire didn’t like was too much of one thing, and the rush of air soon extinguished as Cayci was beginning to hit the apex of her jump. I hoped it didn’t give her too much of a burn, but I knew she didn't get out of that completely unscathed. Once my Galvantula had hit the highest point in her jump, the sun shone through her Light Screen, creating a light catcher effect for those who weren’t the Chandelure; a glistening rainbow effect as light was broken down into it's colurful components. Should the lamp look up, all she was going to get was an eyeful of sun, thanks to her bringing out the best of it. Cayci would abuse it so that she could jump and get in her next attack while blinding the Chandelure with its own sunny forecast. While the lamp was blinded, Cayci would surge downwards and hit the furniture of flame where it hurt, and land on it to avoid too much of the flames below by combining her jump with a nice gift to her psychotic friend.

I have checked every source possible. Electroweb has no silk content in it's composition, as was emphazised in my original use of it. >< Also I did my research. You can find the properties of electricity and being able to manipulate fire here.

Charge Beam+Thunder Bolt into Electroweb and Light Screen for some cover to stop some flames ~ Bounce [over majority of Inferno to avoid burning]+Sucker Punch
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