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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

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Side Pokemon;

Erika stayed focus showing you a picture of Corey and Quinn.
"These two were picked in Celadon City a few days ago. They have been sent back to their homes. What I had planned on doing was.."

A knock on the door causes Erika to pause. Erika excuses herself to go over and respond. As she opens the door the group is shocked to see

"Erika, I was informed that you had picked up.." Blue pauses.
" Blue Team.." Blue pausese again as he looks at the group.
"Sorry Blue Team as the nickname given to you because I was assigned to watch over you after your appearance in Cerulean City. I had lost track of you after the SS ANN disaster." Blue turns back to Erika.
"This is what I was talking about. The files have finally been cleaned up enough to show what i was saying..Blue Team has been the only thing to stop the most cases saving lives. We can not deny the connection that Dredd has with Meghan but we can she has beaten him in each of those confrontations. "

Blue turns to the team
"I am sorry that I didnt not explain this early, I wouldnt have gotten a full grasp of the situation unless he hadnt explained it to me."

Brandon walks in with a smile on his face.

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