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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: Heading to Nova in a hurry !!
In party:


In Box

As the lone Duskull appears in front of my eyes, I can't help but wonder why it is here. The dark dusty appearance almost allowed for one to see right through it. The truth being that the hazy shell of its ghostly body held its true nature. A distorted picture of its reality. JC cringed thinking of all the things that had been done in the name of this grudge held by those poor spirits trapped here.

The pokeball on his belt seem to weigh less as he reached for Tron. The thoughts of the those poor travelers had seem to weigh down his very soul. Every outside of his mind meant little to nothing. His action now sloppier than normal.

With Tron out in front of him. JC wanted revenge for this pain brewing in his soul. He wanted to knock the ghost back into the afterlife. His words seemed to be filled with anger..
"Tron give this all you have.."
The massive pokemon began to swing wildly, some of its punches came close, others seem to way off. Tron was feeding off of JC energy and had not been focused at all. Tron swung wildly until it began to show signs of fatigue. With the Tron now worn out the Duskull took advantage of the match. Using shadow balls from all over to nail away at the tired pokemon. JC stood helpless watching his pokemon get knocked back and forth. After a few powerful blasts of energy Tron dropped to a knee. Ashley who had been watching the battle seemed to be growing more upset by JCs lack of focus. Ash called out
"Mon Monferno! " the heat began to come off her back as she rushed in. The anrgy little fire monkey wasted no time with a powerfull flamethrower the Duskull dropped to the ground as it tried to leave the little monkey used its pursuit attack to to finish off the battle. JC pulled out a great ball and threw it at the Duskull.
The Duskull is sucked into the capsule, and the Great Ball falls to the ground.

It shakes once...


Twice... Three times...

Then it's still.

Duskull was captured.


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