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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

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Feral/Croconaw (able) Steve/Furret (able) Riot/Rhyhorn (able) Spindle/Ariados (able) Daze/UnownD(Dredd) Razzle/Wooper (able) Orpheus/Krabby(replacing Daze)
Partner: ???/???
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Damien thinks back. He doesn't seem to remember seeing him anywhere other than the ruins.
Damien: "Well it look like we won't be having a little scrimmage after all. Oh well..."
Feral: "Too bad... I didn't like them."
Spindle: "Yeah... They weren't exactly pleasant people."
Steve: "Who were those guys anyways... and what are we supposed to do with this?"
The Furret gestured to Lee.
Damien looked at the Furret raising an eyebrow. He assumed that gesture from his Furret had something to do with the "thief."
Razzle: "... Make it do something other than sit there looking angry?"
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