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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

[It's a pain to have to post all the little sprites or names, why did we even start doing that in the first place? Their status hasn't changed as far as I know unless you decided to heal them because most of them were fainted or injured, and Frita will put the egg back with the others in a minute. You could've had Seth just take it back.]

Name: Frita
Local: With the group
Team: Wilfire [KO], Furr [OK], Sprout [GONE], Abra Egg, Unown F [OK], Natu [OK]
Points: 42

Frita gently put the egg back with the others when Seth wasn't looking. She would've slugged him when she had come across him, but that would've put the eggs in danger. The only reason she had taken it in the first place was to make him mad, she didn't even have room for it anyway.

She looked out at the horizion, watching the sun rise.
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