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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

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Side Pokemon;

As they sit down a video is played that shows Blue Team running through the Rocket. Erika pauses for a few moments letting the video play out.

"One would assume the group that attacked the fighting championships and let loose a swarm of angry rocket grunts into the streets of Celadon City would not be foolish enough to come back here."

Red makes a move to speak and before he opens his mouth a very stren look from Erika shuts him up. She continues.
" Red its would be best to hold your comments to the end. As I was saying. With this city now in lock down, the casino officials behind bars and a number of people in the hospital anyone who affiliated with this kind of destruction could be seen as a threat to society, one could even say these people are dangerous because they caused city wide panic."

Erikas focused moved to Meghan.
"Care to explain all of this Meghan.."

Erika presses play showing clips of Meghan outside of Cerulean City, Walking onto the SS Ann..

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