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Default Re: Revealed Pokemon Thread, Eeveelution revealed -Ninifa

Originally Posted by Neptune's Disciple View Post
I think that it may just be coincidence. If you look at it from top to bottom, it starts with the original Eeveelutions, followed by Gen II, Gen IV, then Gen VI. Then again, they would normally show them going in order clockwise, so maybe there is some reason for showing them the way they have.
Yeah, I saw that too. I think it looks fine up until Leafeon and Glaceon. Gen I is the top row in order, Vaporeon Jolteon, and Flareon. Then Gen II is the second column in order, Espeon and Umbreon. But For the third row, Leafeon and Glaceon are inverted. It shows it as Glaceon then Leafeon, which should be Leafeon then Glaceon. Probably nothing though. xD

I think it'll just be Flying, with moves like Air Slash and Air Cutter, but not Fly. :( Victini has nearly the same eyes, but granted, they are different from the other Eeveelutions! I really don't want a new type though. >o<
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