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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

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Side Pokemon;

Max sighed as the cop walked up to them. Under his breath he said
"geez how many of these goons are we going to have to deal with today." A sharp elbow by Meghan stopped that right away.

"Not to many friends left in this town for travelers...Your going to have to see the acting Mayor before you are free to move about the city."

The cop waves over another officer who leads the kids to a secure building. The group is checked and then left in the big office.

Max looks at the rug and remarks about how fancy it is. As the others look down a group of beautiful girls open the door. As the come in they bow to allow another in. The very beautiful woman but serious woman walks in.

"you can stand ladies and please leave them these children to me.."

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