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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

Name: Yellow
Location: Heading out.



Spin watched the events unravel. How could they just be dragging this guy around. He had not been in the Sprout Tower nor had he been wearing any Chrome gear. Yellow shoved Markus back. Niddy and Flower jumped in front of her. Aridos came out and kicked up dirt at the Joel and Sam.
"You cant treat someone like this Markus !"

Sam stepped forward and grabbed Yellow.
"This person is a criminal, his gang is responsible for crimes that are unspeakable."

Spin having had enough tapped Sam on the shoulder and took a hard swing knocking her to the ground. The tension with in the group was raising. Damien stood there unsure what to do as Yellow rushed back over to Lee. The little blond haired girl began to focus, Lee could feel a cool energy healing him. (Lees powers are back and his pokemon are healed.)

Joel looked over at Spin.
"You are way out of line grunt !"

Sam got up out of the ground, her hand cradling her jaw. With a drop of blood coming from the edge of her now crooked smile.
"Honestly I was expecting that, but its seems you kids dont understand what are mission is. So we are going to have to teach you."

Trainer Battle

"This misunderstanding should prove as a useful field exercise !"

Yellow rushed up, to Spin.
"They cant treat anyone like this ! I want this battle!"

Yellow looked at Damien. Who had found himself caught in the middle.

"Are you going to help Spin and I or let this bullies get away with hurting people !"

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