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Default Re: Modern Mythology [SU/DS]

Well this is awkward. Okay I left MM because I hadn't started yet, and I didn;t have the time. Well a bunch of RPs I am a part of have died or become extremely inactive. So I want in again. But with a new character. I am planning on writing a story, with this main character, but I want to RP as him to develop him a bit

Name: Dalton Amaro

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Half Human, Half Vampire

Affiliation: Lone Vampire hunter. Will join others if need be. Pro Secrecy

Appearance: Tall, and pale, but muscular from training. Has long straight black hair which covers one eye, but he ties it back when he needs to concentrate. Wears black jeans, and a Black hoodie, with a grey trench coat. Sewed inside the trench coat are a holster for his gun, and inside the sleeve in a sheath for his knife. He has four lines tattooed on his wrist, one for each vampire he has killed.

Personality: When on the job, Dalton lets nothing get in his way. He is cold, and calculating, and survival is a must. The getting the job done is his first priority. Being nice isn't an option. By the end of it, there must be a dead vampire. He refuses to accept failure.

When not hunting Vampires, Dalton is generally a friendly person, and is more relaxed. He will make a joke or two, and be more optimistic. However whenever he hears word of a Vampire causing problems, that becomes first priority. Though he is a vampire hunter, he will not kill a vampire unless they deserve it, and are generally a danger.

History: Dalton's father was a vampire, and his mother (Mary) a human. His birth father was the head of a vampire gang in the UK, who did horrible things. When Mary was pregnant with Dalton, she witnessed Dalton's father kill someone in cold blood. When one of the members of the gang (Stefan (Another Vampire)) intervened, he was almost killed. He and Mary fell in love, and ran away together to USA. They lived in hiding there, and Dalton was born a little while later. They told Dalton that Stefan was his father, and Dalton still believes this. He has no idea about his true father.

They remained hidden until Dalton was 9. The gang managed to track Stefan and Mary down and killed them. Dalton was told they died in a car accident. After this he lived with his grandparents. He didn't learn the truth about his parents until he was 16. He got into a fight with three guys after school, and won using vampiric abilities.This was the first time he used his powers, and didn't know the truth. They were seriously injured, and Dalton was sentenced to six months house arrest. Later that night, his grandmother gave him a letter that Mary asked her to give to Dalton should the time come where he shows traits of being a vampire. She also told him the truth about Mary and Stefan's death. They were killed by Vampires.

The letter told Dalton that Stefan was a vampire, and that Dalton himself was half vampire, but also said that Stefan was his biological father (lies) and that they were hiding because the gang didn't approve of them being together (though she said it was because she was mortal (more lies)).

During his house arrest, Dalton started training with his powers. By the time he was 19, he had mastered them, and began his career as a vampire hunter, with the goal to find the vampires who killed his parents, and kill them.

He is currently living in England, attempting to find his parent's killers.

Weapons/Abilities: Dalton carries two weapons. a Suppressed S&W .500 Magnum revolver, and a knife (like the combat knife in COD). These are generally hidden from plain sight, but never too far away if the need for them arises.

Due to being half vampire, he has some watered down abilities of a full vampire.
All of these powers but bloodlust do not work in sunlight.

Enhanced Speed
Much faster than a human, but not as fast as a Vampire.
Enhanced Strength
Stronger than a human, but not a Vampire
Enhanced Balance and Agility
You get the picture.
Enhanced Smell and hearing
Dalton has sensitive hearing, which makes it hard to sneak up on him. However loud music, power tools etc, will hurt him much easier than a human.
When it comes to blood, Dalton can smell it. This is how he will distinguish a Vampire from a human. Vampires will smell more like blood than humans, which is generally what will give them away to Dalton. However if a Vampire cleans themselves thoroughly after feeding, they can pass off as a human to Dalton. If a human wounds themselves, and doesn't clean up, Dalton may mistake them for a vampire.
The ability to generate and manipulate fire

Bloodlust (works in sunlight)
Being part Vampire, Dalton needs to drink blood regularly. Not as much as a full vampire, but still often. He will only drink animal blood. He is afraid that if he drinks human blood, he will become addicted, and kill someone innocent to fuel the addiction.
3 days without blood: Headaches
5 days without blood: Nausea
1 week without blood: Hallucinations.
As time goes on these symptoms become worse.

I am hoping this can help me develop the main character for my story.

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