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Default Re: February CoroCoro Cover Leaked Showing New Eeveelution, Ninfia

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
The fangs too. :( It's like, the only Eeveelution with fangs. xD
Maybe it's actually a vampire type Pokemon. Oh god, then it would sparkle in sunlight...

You know, what if this evolution is based on friendship, but with a hold item? Maybe Eevee has to hold a special bow and love you to pieces in order to evolve? Don't mind me; I'm thinking out loud here.

I'd love to know what type it is. We'll get a reveal on that later on, I'm sure. I'm just hoping the rumor that this is a female only evo isn't true. It's difficult as all get-out to nab a female Eevee... >.<

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