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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

Name: Yellow
Location: Heading out.



As gold team walks along they notice something in the distance. It looks like someone in distress. Spin notices it first and starts to run over. As she gets closer she notices the guy Lee from the ruins cuffed to a tree. Markus, Damien, Yellow and Eric rush over. Spin stops looking around. Yellow looks at the poor guy and rushes over.

Two grunts jump from the trees. The guy steps forward.
"What a sad bunch of Tyrant Grunts im looking at right now.." Joel pauses.
"Look Sam, its are old pal Markus."

Sam smiles, walking forward passed the others giving him a phony hug.
"Marky where have you been darling, its been ages." Sam moves back

Joel looks at the others
"Boy Markus you must have really dropped the ball to get this assignment. We have been cleaning up your mess since Voliet City. Thought we would do you one last favor before we leave the area." Joel turns his head to Lee. Sam un cuffs him from the tree and pushes him to the ground.
"We spotted Chrome Grunts a couple of ago, we busted this one trying to make a get away."

Spin looks at him and than at them.
" and what do you think we are going to do with him..?"

Sam sighs.
"Your job grunt make sure he gets to the right people. He is a chrome thief.." Sam looks at Markus.
" Would you keep these people in line."

Spin grips her fist and looks at Markus for a response before she punches the girl.

Yellow pushes through the grunts and stops at Lee
" Are you okay ?"

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