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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

(oblivion you have to post in the egg claim thread to get an egg. also please keep your pokemons health in your stats, putting same is not the same thing as keeping there stats.)

Location: Leaving the ranch


Seth let out a little grin as Frita spoke. Her threats didnt really phase him as he had the stronger pokemon in his mind. The fact that she was still keeping up meant that they were at least moving forward. Any progress was good progress. The path through the rest of the farm was easy. Looking at Alyssa lost her thoughts made Seth wonder how far Lees reach could go. Turning the others on her was easy her but getting her to drop Lee was going to be more difficult. Seth tried to focus on something that would force her to rely on him...if he could only find a way to trick into a moment of weakness lee would be gone.

Seth smirked and continued forward. As the sun began to set Seth looked to Alyssa.
"Suggestions on weather to camp or keep moving ?"

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