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Default Re: Mewtwo Invasion Blitz RP: Lab-rynth

I looked at this Nidoking. A moment ago he hoisted me up as if I was to become lunch. If he had eaten me he would have regretted it. We Magikarps are high in fat and cholesterol, but enough about our nutritional value.

I continued looking at this Nidoking. He was in a bad way. I was not sure how long he would survive in this state. "Hey, Big and Purple!" It is doubtful the Nidoking appreciated being addressed this way. "We need to find you some kind of medicine. I can't hope to search this room alone. Most of these... things with flaps and things are too high for me to even reach... Maybe the humans have some of those weird spray... things stored away in here, but I need your help to search this place." I knew I didn't seem all that convincing, but I spoke the obvious truth. I could not search this... place alone, and if I managed to help him, I may be able to acquire his assistance. Aside from my needs, he needed healing as soon as possible or he may not last much longer.
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