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Default Re: [Mewtwo Invasion] Round 1 - Saraibre Ryu vs. Socratic Sarcasm (Judge: 3m0d0ll).

Cayci was glaring at this sick minded, living lamp piece we had as an opponent. I had a sense of chills but this wouldn’t have been the first time. Eerie wasn’t even the beginning of how to describe this thing, but I wasn’t about to lose focus. Cayci on the other hand, was teeming with fury, so much so that sparks were flying in between her tufts of fur on her rear end and her mandibles. I stuck my hands in my pockets and lowered my head just enough so that the brim shadowed my eyes. I smiled, knowing the effects of fire had its slow painful moments, but there was something else to be seen in the quick effects of lightning. Hell I even scoffed at the prospect. This was only going to get better.

“Cayci, that creepy piece of furniture wanted to limit you.” I explained to her calmly.

Cayci’s eyes glinted under the hexagonal dome, sparks flying ever more so in a dramatic fashion. All six eyes were on the Chandelure, locking onto her position with intent to kill. There was one thing you didn’t do with Cayci, and that was threaten me, never mind going into full on detail about it. Her mandibles started forming a larger electric charge between them, causing more static to leap from the fur on her back that was standing on end.

“Show them what happens when we come across ‘limits’.”

The Galvantula took one on her back legs and stepped back, releasing an electric charge that only hit the inside of the Light Screen she was under, imitating the actions of a tesla ball. Lines of electricity passed between her two front appendages quickly, almost as if trying to find a weak point in her own field. This wasn’t what she was doing however, as all but the two largest eyes on Cayci’s head were looking in different places. After just a few seconds of her electrical display, the EleSpider twitched and jumped, bolts of electricity erupting in all directions, forwards backwards, left and right, up, and even downwards. Not all of them were aimed for our opponent, and no one in the audience was in any danger of being electrocuted. As the dozens of lightning tendrils collided with the low hanging trees, sometimes glancing past one or two more, they didn’t fade afterwards, but instead, remained as the sticky webbing Galvantula specialized in; webs composed of electrical energy. The network of electricity sparked and glowed in a golden hue; a dangerous, but beautiful decoration that seemed to well suit the swampland. The threads crisscrossed this way and that, some connected to each other and making it rather difficult for anything, ghostly or non, to pass through it.

Cayci landed in the epicentre of her creation, as any spider would. She was making this her domain, as was clear by how she stared at that Chandelure from between her forest of electrical tripwires.

Electro Web + Discharge [for additional reach and power]
*Attack was not completely directed at Esme.
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