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Default Re: ::Pe2k:: Nuzlocke Association

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Yeah, you can buy Blizzard--OR you can go to the move tutor in Drieftviel and teach your Aggron Ice Punch ;D Or there's also Dragon Claw

@Kris: You show them, Kris! xD But wow, awesome luck with that Ralts :o Wish I was that lucky...

@Eti: D: Daaaaaang, that bites--what water types are they?

Updated Crystal Clear again, btw ;D
My current team consists of Basculin, Starmie, Banette, Pelliper, Frillish and Wailmer, but I'm hoping to replace the latter two with my Route 23 and Victory Road encounters.

EDIT: Wiped /again/ to Ghetsis. His Drapion outsped everything and killed my Basculin with a critical Night Slash and then slaughtered everything else. Ugh.

All I have left is a Dewott, Wailmer and Frillish, all in their 30s, and three encounters left in the entire run (Route 23, Victory Road and Abundant Shrine). Gulp.

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