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Default Re: Char's Crystal Clear Nuzlocke Escapade

Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post

I have to hate you(not really) for giving me serious nostalgia, but i love it.

Hahaha, good--I've accomplished something, then ;D

You know, I found it interesting that Elm's opening dialogue in this game is different from the other versions. He starts out by just giving you a Pokemon for a sensible reason, and THEN he gets the email from Mr. Pokemon. I'm going to keep an eye out for little differences like that and let you guys know ;D But anyway, on to the update!

<Welcome back, ladies and gents, to another episode of Char’s Crystal Clear Nuzlocke run! When we last left off-->

When did this turn into a television series?

<Excuse me! I was working on an introduction!>


<As I was saying, in the last update, Char was about to take her first steps on Route 29. Since she has yet to claim Poke Balls, the Nuzlocke rules have not yet kicked in… However, the first encounter on a journey is always the most exciting—an omen of sorts, if you will. She and her new partner wander into the tall grass, keeping their eyes peeled for wild Pokemon… Suddenly, the grass shifts…>

And the first mon is a… Rattata…What kind of omen is that?

<Hmm… Well, it could mean that you will be trolled by purple rats your entire run. But I’m no horoscope specialist.>

Woopeee. Well, let the grinding begin. Go, Toby!

<Prepare to meet your doom, Sir Ratty!>

Let’s make this quick—start with Leer.

<You got it, boss! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyooooooo!>

o__________o Um… did he just shoot lazers from his closed eyes?

<Ah yeah, take that suckah!>

<Mmm, yes, your… Fire type continues to impress me, Char. That’s sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell.>

…DUDE. LAZERS. Toby, you have achieved a whole new level of awesomeness! 8D

<*mental facepalm*>

Route 29, you are going down! Let’s kick rat trash, Toby!

<Now that’s what I’m talking about!>

<Fantastic… Let us fast forward through all the… barbaric battles these uncivilized mongrels get engaged in and skip to the next town, shall we? Char and Toby enter Cherrygrove City, which is hardly a city at all, actually.>

Hey, Suicune?

<What is it now?>

I found this on a tree back on Route 29—what is it?

<That would be a BERRY, Char.>

I know that—but what kind of berry?


A Razz berry?


An Oran Berry?

<Char, those don’t exist in this game. It’s just a BERRY.>

Just a berry?


BERRY… That’s boring. What does it do then?

<It heals 10 hp in battle.>

So it is an Oran Berry!

<No, no, no, it’s—Gah, nevermind! That old man wants to show you around. Go talk to him!>

“Hello, rookie! Would you like me to show you the ropes?”

“Whoa, hold on, old man—I’ve been playing Pokémon for YEARS. I don’t need your—”

“Tutorial time is fun! Follow me~!”


<Thus Char became aware of the mechanics of the game, learning about important buildings—like the Pokémon Center, the Pokémon Mart. And she got to see the sea in all its grandeur.>

“This is the sea, as you can see.”

“I SEA what you did thar.” IT'S PUNNY

“And this is my house. I get rather lonely at times.”

“Uh-huh… Can I get going now?”

“Wait, I have something for you!”

“Dude, I accept gifts from strangers—wait, unless… Is it running shoes?” Omigoshcoulditbethatwouldbeamazing :D

“Here ya go!”

“…These aren’t running shoes…”

“Nope—it’s something even better! A map card!”

“Oh…” DISAPOINT. “Well… I guess that could be handy. Weird that I didn’t have a map to begin with, though… Thanks, old man.”

“Don’t be a stranger now!”


<With her personalized tour of the town complete, Char finally gets the opportunity to recuperate in the Pokémon Center …>

“Good evening! You’re out late.”

“Don’t judge me.”

<…And shop at the Pokemon Mart.>

“Don’t ask me about Poke Balls, kid, I ain’t got none.”

“Tch, you never do in the beginning. Kind of convenient, huh? HUH? You just HAPPEN to be out of Poke Balls the instant I start my adventure. Doesn’t matter, though—I always get my first ones for free elsewhere. BUT I’M ON TO YOUR LITTLE SCHEMES!”

“… What in the heck are you talking about?”

“Thanks for the stuff.”

<And thus, having explored all there is in the city-that’s-not-really-a-city of Cherrygrove, Char continues on to Mr. Pokémon’s house, taking her first steps on Route 30.>

Hmm… wonder what kind of Pokémon we can catch here…?

<Char wondered this, but even as she wondered the grass began quivering before her… What should appear… but a Spinarak!>

*o* Y U No Have Poke Balls? Dx Ah, well. Toby?

<Yes! More action! Bwah-ha-ha!>

<Great, this guy again… Well, if I must narrate… Toby and Spinarak immediately engage in a battle; both use their extremely limited move set to their maximum potential—however, each of their attacks miss their attacks.>

<It seems we are evenly matched, spider. But you are powerless against my… LAZAH VISION!!! WEEEEEEEEEEYOOOOOOOO!>


<…Why did I volunteer for this again? At any rate, the Spinarak was incapacitated-->

<You mean, decapitated! >:D >

<…Incapacitated and Char pushes her way through the wild grass up a gentle rise. Her path is obscured by tall pines, but as the path winds through the groves a house appears on the horizon. No doubt this is the home of the eccentric colleague of Professor Elm—the fantasist who isolates himself from society and spends all day and night on various internet forums.>

All right, guys—we’re nearly finished with this mundane tutorial-of-a task. Who’s ready for phase two?

<Dude, I’ve grown like 5 whole levels in this post. I’m freakin’ ready to move on with life.>

<In typical Nintendo fashion, Char skips over knocking on the door and barges right into Mr. Pokemon’s humble abode.>

“AH A PERSON—Wait, are you Char?”

“Yep, the one and only. You must be Mr. Pokémon.”

“Oh, ah… Yes. Yes I am. Er, hold on, I’ll,er, get that… thing… Just… stay put and don’t… touch anything. You can visit with my friend, Professor Oak.”

“Hello, Char!”

“AH A PROFESSOR—Wait, you! You got me into this mess!”

“I beg your pardon. I don’t think we’ve met before.”

“Pfffft, of course we did—you had to ask me whether or not I was a boy or girl. And then you asked me for the time.”

“Er, I assure you I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Playing dumb, are we? Well, I’m on to your little conspiracy! Mark me—I got my eyes on you!”

“You have quite the imagination, don’t you?”

Le Me:

“Right… Well, I don’t suppose I could ask you to do something for me?”

“Fill out the PokeDex?”

“How did you—”

“I told you, I’m on to your little games! But sure, why not. Everyone’s giving me free stuff right now.”

“Thanks! This will help out our research tons!”

Sure, considering the LIMITED amount of Pokémon I can actually catch…

“Okay, I found it… Can you take this back to Professor Elm?”

“You got it, Mr. Pokémon. …If that’s your real name…”

“Of course it is. Now, hurry along. Shoo, shoo. I’m sure you children have better things to do. Go do... child things…”

“Whatevs. Adios, peeps!”

<Char steps outside, just in time for—>

The call of fate!

<…It’s rude to interrupt you know.>


“Char, it’s horrible!”

“Say no more, Professor! We’re on our way!” *hangs up* Toby?”

<Sounds like a job for the fiery ninja of death!>

<Sped on by a sense of urgency, Char and her partner rush back the way they came, retracing their steps to Cherrygrove City. Yet as they skipped their way through the village, an obstacle came their way…>

“I told you, old man, I don’t want any of your advice!”

“But tutorial time is fun! D:”

Cue Angry Ginger Kid. Heh, ya know, I thought he was a girl back when I first played Silver. I named him after my sister once >:3

“Get out of my way!”

“Hey, dude—not cool. Picking on lonely old men… How low can you get?”

“Mind your own business, brat! Unless you want a piece of this?”

“Ew. The only piece I want from you is your money and some battle experience.”

“You want to battle? HA. Funny. You look laughably weak.”

“Toby, did you hear that? He called you weak.”


“HAHA, that’s your Pokemon? It looks like it can’t even see straight! Hey, rat-face! I’m over here!”


“Why don’t I show you a REAL battle-worthy Pokemon? Come on out, Totodile! Let’s show this freak what we’re made of!”

Toby (Level 10) vs Jaws (Level 5)

“…Dude, are you serious?”

“Shuttup and fight! Jaws, scratch!”

“*sigh* Toby?”


<Two turns later, Char’s victory was sealed. And the ginger’s—I mean, the strange boy’s— hopes were seared. Literally.>

“Um, you better go get that checked.”

“F-freak! Were you trying to kill me? You should learn to control your Pokémon!”

“You did insult him. He doesn’t take kindly to that.”

<Hold on, I missed a spot—HIS FACE.>

“Toby, that’s enough. Come on, Silver, let me help you out.” *offers hand*

*swats it away* “I don’t need your help! I’m going to become the strongest Pokémon Trainer in the world, and then I’ll stomp you and your rat flat!

<With that oath, the angry ginger kid ran off, quickly slipping from Char’s vision.>

“You know… He’s the biggest jerk since Gary… But I can’t help but feel sorry for him.”

<What? Why would anyone feel sorry for him?>

“Well, it’s a major spoiler in the game but SPOILER, he’s Giovanni’s son.”


“Yeah. Angsty fangirls eat that up.”

<…You ain’t a fangirl, iz you?>



“We need to hurry back to the lab!”



No changes, lol

Curret Team


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