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Default Re: Neku Sakauraba vs. p4 (Ref: 3m0d0ll)




[Dusknoir +] Yamask
Ability: Mummy.
Health: 68%
Energy: 88%
Moves: Nasty Plot~Energy Ball.

Neku Sakuraba

[Sharpshooter] Weavile
Ability: Mummy.
Health: 96%
Energy: 94%
Moves: Snatch~Dark Pulse.
BRN; -2 Att; Night Slash is disabled for 5 more actions.

Sharpshooter grimaced irritatedly, frustrated with the little ghost's antics thus far. He held his arms out in front of him, allowing his claws to begin glowing a deep green color. You guys probably don't even read this and that makes me sad. Jumping around behind D+, he kept his arms ready, prepared to steal anything that may come his way.
[Snatch: Sharpshooter, -8% Energy]

Just then, D+ let a thought bubble form above his head, filling it with disturbing and awful thoughts. Just as the small bubble seemed to be filled with random words and scribbles, Sharpshooter reached forward and grabbed it. He pulled the opening apart, letting the evil thoughts pour onto him.
[Nasty Plot: D+, -3% Energy; Snatched by Sharpshooter; Sharpshooter, +2SpAtt]

Feeling powered from that Nasty Plot, Sharpshooter wasted no time in forming a medium-sized, smoke-filled ball between his pointed claws. A few ripples of energy escaped periodically, and Sharpshooter knew it was ready; with a quick thrust, he tossed the ball of energy in the air, letting a beam of powerful, swirling energy blast itself from the orb. The shadows surrounded poor D+, hitting him harder than usual.
[Dark Pulse: D+, -37% Health; Shaprshooter, -7% Energy; CH, 314/1-645, CH; Flinch, 10,1-2, no flinch]

D+ stood once more, refusing to give up this soon. He put his hands together, a ball of green, sparking energy formed between his achy hands. He balanced the sphere on one hand, tossing it into the air. Just then, he spun around, smacking the ball with his right hand towards Sharpshooter, grunted due to the attack, and was knocked to the ground, surprised.
[Energy Ball: D+, -18% Energy; Sharpshooter, -10% Health; SpDef drop, 2/1, no drop]
[BRN: Sharpshooter, -4% Health]


[Dusknoir +] Yamask
Ability: Mummy.
Health: 31%
Energy: 67%

Neku Sakuraba

[Sharpshooter] Weavile
Ability: Mummy.
Health: 82%
Energy: 79%
BRN; -2 Att; Night Slash is disabled for 3 more actions; +2 SpAtt.


No arena change.

Neku Sakuraba:
[Higeki] Absol
5% | 77%

[Lang] Shinx
26% | 8%

Neku, your moves, please.

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