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Default Re: Dark Moonlight vs Judge Dredd


[Wisp] Rotom (-)
Ability: Levitate
Sig move: None
HP: 65%
ENG: 53%
Status: Feeling proud...and a little tired.

[Lectern] Chinchou (F)
Ability: Volt Absorb
HP: 48%
ENG: 38%
Status: Ohgod, I'm screwed.
[BRN (-2 ATK), -2 SPDEF, Aqua Ring]
Confuse Ray~Ice Beam

There its opponent lay...right there, waiting for her impending doom. It was time to create a dummy. While Lec wasn't paying attention, Wisp started to gather electricity. Using the leftover electricity from Lectern, the orange, electrified ghost created an outline of itself with its electricity. Eventually, the form of the Rotom faded in, only with a gray tint.
[Wisp: -1% ENG, -1% HP, Sub created]

Look at Lec's opponent...just look at it! Floating there...smiling...uh...floating...Lectern had to do something. Using her own electricity, her antennas started to glow its natural, electric color. Eventually, they started to glow an ultraviolet blue color which was launched at Wisp. When it hit said ghost, it just pinged off of it. Lec floated there...confused.
[Lectern: -7% ENG]

The real Wisp rushed in front of its copy, summoning ghastly powers. The ghost then rushed up to Lec. Or, started to, at least. Electric here launched the power halfway through the rush, letting it fly over to the Chinchou. Lectern started to flail around as the blast hit her. The thing really stung her. 'Tis did.
[Wisp: -4% ENG, Lectern: -24% HP]

The Chinchou was sitting there, tired. She was about to go out. Was this the end? Would the vet lose to the Judge? Stay tuned, everybody. No, this wasn't the end. In fact...this could be the beginning! Lectern started to gather up thoughts of the cold tundra, soon letting it travel to her throat. She then launched a thin blast of light blue energy at the ghost, seeing how as it soon dispersed.
[Lectern: -24% Energy, Sub: Broken]

Lec then started to feel that familiar burning sensation, soon followed up by the familiar sensation of cooling water. She felt a little better.
[Lec: +2% HP]


[Wisp] Rotom (-)
Ability: Levitate
Sig move: None
HP: 64%
ENG: 47%
Status: Will this end soon?

[Lectern] Chinchou (F)
Ability: Volt Absorb
HP: 24%
ENG: 7%
Status: Please help me...
[BRN (-2 ATK), -2 SPDEF, Aqua Ring]


Judge Dredd, your moves, please.

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