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Default Re: Neku Sakauraba vs. p4 (Ref: 3m0d0ll)




[Dusknoir +] Yamask
Ability: Mummy.
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Moves: Will-O-Wisp~Disable.

Neku Sakuraba

[Lang] Shinx
Ability: Intimidate.
Health: 26%
Energy: 8%
Moves: Switch for Sharpshooter~Night Slash.
+1 Att; -4 Acc.

Once again, the panels along the walls of the arena rotated, causing the fans to be removed, leaving simple gray tiles surrounding the battle ground.
[Arena: 0/0-5, normal arena]

Neku pulled a small Pokeball from his belt, calling in the valiant fighter to allow him to rest. He then tossed an additional Pokeball into the air, as a red beam shot from the sphere, sending an agile weasel out. He smirked, slashing his silver claws out in front of him, warming up his muscles.
[Switch: out, Lang; Lang's stats reset; in, Sharpshooter]

D+ grimaced, somehow knowing that the Pokemon standing before him was very powerful and threatening. The Yamask lifted his short arms, letting three small, blue balls of fire appear, then sent them flying towards Sharpshooter. They swiveled around him, burning portions of his body all over, until they eventually vanished into small clouds of white smoke.
[Will-O-Wisp: D+, -5% (3+2) Energy; Sharpshooter, BRN; Sharpshooter, -2 Att]

Sharpshooter, cringed, clutching his arm as the burn throbbed. He tried to shake it off, but he new this would hinder him in the future Rounds. Extending his arms, his claws glistened, becoming a light purple as Sharpshooter sprinted with intense speed towards D+, jumping high in the air as he flipped forward, slashing his claws across D+, causing the ghost to double-over in pain.
[Night Slash: D+, -32% Health; Sharpshooter, -6% Energy; Crit, 57/1-1250, CH; Sharpshooter's Ability became Mummy]

The Yamask lifted itself back to its position, lightly floating above the ground, shakily, feeling the brunt of that attack all over his body. Not wanting to be hit by another Night Slash, D+ let small ripples of blue energy pulsate from his body, floating towards Sharpshooter. He snarled as the waves circled around him, disabling his claws from turning that brilliant purple.
[Disable: D+, -7% Energy; Disabled, 2/1-4, Nightslash is disabled for 5 actions]
[BRN: Sharpshooter, -4% Health]


[Dusknoir +] Yamask
Ability: Mummy.
Health: 68%
Energy: 88%

Neku Sakuraba

[Sharpshooter] Weavile
Ability: Mummy.
Health: 96%
Energy: 94%
BRN; -2 Att; Night Slash is disabled for 5 more actions.


Neku Sakuraba:
[Higeki] Absol
5% | 77%

[Lang] Shinx
26% | 8%

p4, your moves, please.

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