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Default Re: Revealed Pokemon Thread, Eeveelution revealed -Ninifa

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post

Doesn't prove anything but it's cool. O:

Anyways, I think Game Freak made it to where it only used Normal moves to not give off it's possible typing. :P
I think that it may just be coincidence. If you look at it from top to bottom, it starts with the original Eeveelutions, followed by Gen II, Gen IV, then Gen VI. Then again, they would normally show them going in order clockwise, so maybe there is some reason for showing them the way they have.

I hate to say it, being as I disliked Sylveon so much to begin with, but it's growing on me... As far as typing is concerned (and after watching several youtube videos speculating about it), I'm thinking it may be a new type. Most people are expecting that the new type (if there is one) will be light/celestial or something along those lines. Sylveon's eyes are what makes me think it might be the new type, they are much more prominent than the eyes of the other Eeveelutions (with perhaps the exception of Umbreon), and to me at least, give it the look of staring off into space. What does everyone else think?

- ND
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