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Default Re: Daily Chit Chat

I love Gens IV and V. II, IV, and V are my favorites! VI, at this rate, will be too. I don't favor Gen I for many reasons. It's just "okay" for me. and I dislike Gen III.

As for Fire/Fighting:
Infernape > Emboar > Blaziken

Fennekin. <333333 Infernape was aweeeesome. <3 Emboar was cool, but I like little cute animal Pokemon, so big boar wasn't really my favorite. :P Charizard was pretty good, not my total favorite but y'know. As for Blaziken...yeah I don't really like it that much. It's a...nice Pokemon I guess. xD

As for all Starters:
Typhlosion > Fennekin > Infernape > Emboar > Charizard > Blaziken
Meganium > Chespin > Torterra > Serperior > Sceptile > Venusaur
Feraligatr > Samurott > Blastoise > Froakie > Empoleon > Swampert

As for each region:
Blastoise > Charizard > Venusaur (All meh for me, I like Blastoise a bit).
Typhlosion > Meganium > Feraligatr (All good <3).
Sceptile > Swampert = Blaziken (Sceptile was eh. I dislike the other two).
Infernape > Empoleon = Torterra (I love Infernape, and I also love the other two equally)!
Samurott > Emboar > Serperior (Samurott is awesome! Emboar is also awesome, while Serperior is pretty good <3)
Fennekin > Chespin = Froakie (Fennekin. <33333 Froakie and Chespin are so freggin' cute and awesome I love them all <3).
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