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Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
Name: Luis
Currently: Battling a Duskull
Party: Rick, Cage, Greed, Breeze, Aril

As the Ledyba fly off, I noticed they dropped something shiny on the road. After picking it up I discover they dropped a Pokeball. ''I don't think a Pokeball was going to be of any use to them so I'll keep it.'' It's almost as if they had sensed what was going to happen in mere moments. Anyways, after I cleaned off the dust from the Pokeball; Emma shrieked once again. 'What's the matter this time?'

After I turn my back I saw a familiar face. It's one of the Duskulls we battled earlier, or was it a completely different one? Meh, it doesn't matter. Duskulls are also far stronger than Ledybas and their evolutions are nothing to laugh at. "Make it go away, make it go away!"Emma ran towards me and took shelter behind me. Looks like she hasn't overcome that fear.

''You heard the lady, it's all yours JC.'' I could feel Emma trembling like crazy, almost as if a bucket of cold water fell on her. ''Don't worry Emma, I'll make sure the ghost doesn't hurt you.''
Emma nodded at your reassurances, but continued shaking like a chihuahua. You turn to watch the ensuing battle, keeping a sharp eye out for any low tricks the dastardly fiend might attempt. The Duskull seems pretty locked on JC, however, and the two have a good long stare down.

Meanwhile, Emma taps on your shoulder.

"Um... Luis? I... I think there's something over there..."

You follow her pointing finger and see something quivering in the bushes--much in the same state as Emma.

A wild Petlil appeared!
~Apparently scared of ghosts~

Write a battle if you wish to capture it!

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