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Default Re: Mewtwo Invasion Blitz RP: Lab-rynth

Latio-Nytro: Sneasel
You crawl through the tight vents, feeling your way through despite the fact you can't see. You go through twists and turns, making quick decisions about going left or right. Soon the vents feel tighter and tighter, restricting your movement but you have no way to turn around. Then, suddenly you feel a space above your head, and reach out, feeling that there is enough space for you to stand up. The vent shoots upward, for how long you aren't sure, but as a Sneasel, getting your claws to grip what little grooves the weldings of metal provided you was an easy task. You move at a fast pace, that is until a metal grate hits you on the head, greeting you with a metalic ringing. You bring yourself up, quietly closing the grate behind you.

Then your ear twitches. Something growled, and it wasn't your stomach. Turning around you find a sullen eye'd, scarred and angry Rampardos staring you down, before trying to smash it's head into the ground where you're standing. You manage to leap on a nearby table to avoid the attack, however you notice your immediate surroundings: the room is about fifteen feet by twenty feet, it appears to be a lab of some kind, with an open cage in the corner. You see a door, but know from the dents in it [no doubt from the Rampardos' head] that it's locked. You have little else to do other than to survive.

Goal: Battle the Rampardos and find a way to escape the locked room. You may write how the battle goes on, including what attacks the Rampardos uses. However, the final outcome of the battle will be determined by the GM [me]. The more convicing the battle is, the better the reward.

Dragotech: Magikarp

Your attempts to communicate with the Nidoking at first, seem futile. He appears to be asleep. However your suspicions are proven wrong when the purple beast grabs you by the tail, and slowly brings you to his eye level, standing on two stout legs with a slouched stance. He glares at you, breathing heavily with fangs bared, as if he looks to eat you. You notice he's far too tired to even blurt out a growl, and as you struggle, you feel his grip loosening. The Pokemon is on his last legs, but as he looks at you, he seems to calm down a bit, either due to fatigue or him simply not caring.

"Flip flop... that's all you do and all... the Magikarp. Then you become big, scary, powerful Gyarados... humans wanted to know how..."

His words seem like complete rambling, but you gain insight as to what kind of place you're actually in. Thinking fast, you realize that the Nidoking seems to be in the same predicament you are in. There is the problem of convicing this Pokemon to try and help you, as he has no reason to. He looks as if he is about to keel over.

Goal: Convince the Nidoking to help you either a) go up the stairs b) go down the stairs c) search the room. Depending on your arguments depends on the result. Result and rewards will be posted by the GM [me].
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