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Default Re: Anybody think survival horror has gone downhill?

Originally Posted by Peace Buyer View Post
Honestly, nothing really scares me anymore. The only think I find scary is the sight of my Ex-Girlfriend xD!

But in all honesty, parents do a terrible job parenting now a days seeing as they don't really care what their children watch, and they don't care what the kiddies play.
I enjoy feeling jumpy, for some reason? XD I mean, I guess I'm just afraid of facing things that are gonna hurt my character as I don't like getting game over's, really. Lol. Dead Space 1 really set the bar up high for all the other horror games I play. XD

Oh, yeah, they really do. My parents are a perfect example for buying my little brother Grand theft auto IV when he was 8. @_@ I yelled at them for it, but my dad refused to return it. :/

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