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Default Re: Anybody think survival horror has gone downhill?

Originally Posted by Eevee trainer View Post
Unfortunately, I agree with this. Also, long post is long, sorry. Lol.

However, as a Dead Space fan, I felt that it was very horror-like and enjoyed it wholeheartedly. Then the second one came out and there was a mix of horror and action, but with their more recent release of Dead Space 3, I feel that there was hardly any horror but more action than anything, it was quite disappointing. :/

On the positive side, I do feel like Silent Hill is returning to their original roots a bit, but that may just be my opinion on Silent Hill: Downpour?

I feel that it's because of the larger companies shifting their attention to the action crowd (maybe they're just bigger than the horror fanbase?) that indy horror games are a lot better than what the other companies are giving us? (Amnesia: The Dark Descent comes to mind here.)

All in all, I'm really hoping that they do go back to their horror roots (Resident Evil, Dead Space, and Silent Hill). Mostly as I'm not into action games like Call of Duty or Battlefield and that I feel like the story of horror games are easier to grasp and intrigue the audience?
I personally prefer Dead Space over Silent Hill, simply because I didn't find Silent to be Scary. I liked Dead Space for it's jump scaring technique and how no matter how many times you look at the vent, expecting one of the necromorphs to jump and cut your face to bits, it'll always come from the other vent.

But in all honesty, most horror games have to kind of trim it down because less and less people are being into horror games and more people are into action. They have to expand their horizon or else they'll fall short and won't make as much money. I mean they can still do it, but they also have to think of the kids out there. Parents won't complain about an action typed shooter, but if a kid is having nightmares over a game then they'll complain day in and day out.

But for me, I think it'd have to be Dead Space > Resident Evil > Fear > Silent Hill.

But that IS only my opinion.
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