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Default Re: ::Pe2k:: Nuzlocke Association

I wish they made a Flying type Eevee that could fly. @.@ Had to go all the way back down Celestial Tower, and got challenged more than I actually battled on the way up. xD Pays off though, because after getting the seventh badge, we're in our early 40's level-wise. :D

I made them have lives so I couldn't lose them. <3 Flareon is still the only one that has lost a life though. :D

Ooh that reminds me. I thought about creating a thread for nuzlocke stats for people who don't wanna make a whole thread out of it and write a story on it. You would post one nuzlocke, and edit it to update (you could put each up date in spoilers or etc). For each new nuzlocke you start, you can post and update it too! O: What do you guys think?

Corey's White Eeveelocke

Name: Corey
Badges: 7


Volt [Jolteon]
Ability: Volt Absorb
Nature: Timid
Lives Left: 5

Leafia [Leafeon]
Ability: Leaf Guard
Nature: Impish
Lives Left: 5

Psycha [Espeon]
Ability: Synchronize
Nature: Modest
Lives Left: 5

Singe [Flareon]
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Adamant
Lives Left: 4

Freeze [Glaceon]
Ability: Snow Cloak
Nature: Rash
Lives Left: 5

Rain [Vaporeon]
Ability: Water Absrob
Nature: Calm
Lives Left: 5
No lost lives since last time! Already done with the Dragon Spiral Tower, so I'm going to head over to Relic Castle.

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