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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Location: Trying to get the team together to escape.


Seth never looked at her. His scheming had only worked because of Alyssa's action. Until that moment he had never even considered she would just drop everything for someone. The idea that Lee mattered that much boggled him. Lee had hardly been around, he had contributed almost nothing to team. Alyssa was suppose part of Chrome Clan. A team that measured people by there actions and accomplishments. Seth had been thinking of ways to get rid of Lee since the first moment he met them. The Tyrant Grunts that had been following the team had gone unnoticed to everyone but him. Seth even left a cookie trail to follow. Leading the Tyrants along had been fun but could be risky to their mission. As Haunter came out of his ball Seth handed him the Moo Milk and the Egg. The silly ghost type floated over to the Alyssa.

Seth only remarks at that point where in disgust.
"Thats the egg you almost broke in your little freak out."

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