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Default Re: Revealed Pokemon Thread, Eeveelution revealed -Ninifa

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Is the name posted the Japanese name ? It really looks like a normal type but the little ribbon looking things make me think it could be flying, but that may be a stretch.

Also, I really feel like its head doesnt match a normal eevee. Its body does but something is off about it.
I think so. I could be wrong though. I'm just comparing it to whenever Glaceon and Leafeon were introduced; Glaceon's japanese name being "Glacia"

I think(hope) it's gonna be a normal type. Maybe the male Nimfia will have a completely different look. I would be kinda disappointed if it was a flying type to be honest. I think it's just because I always wanted a winged eeveelution. =w=

Yeah, the head does look slightly different. Maybe it is because all of the other evolutions have narrower eyes and most of them have their head tilted down so you can't actually see the mouth. (given them an "older/fierce" like appearance rather than the "cutsy/innocent" look like eevee has) It has a longer face rather than the rounder shaped heads. IDK im just saying random stuff xD
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