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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Location: Trying to get the team together to escape.


The Tyrant Grunts look at Lee like a fool. The guy Joel looks to Sam with a grin

" Sam, we must have made a mistake." the sarcastic tone isnt very subtitle.

Sam nods.
"I guess we should just let him go."

They clear a small path for Lee to leave, as he begins to walk he feels a sharp pain in his side. As Lee drops to the ground he sees a taser.

Joel walks up kneeling over next to him.
"Im sorry, Chromy but we had to get you on the same page as we are..You are a member of a dangerous gang and we have been tasked with stopping you."

Lee watches the cuffs get put on him and can feel the harsh cold steel on his wrists. Joel who is a bigger man lifts Lee up from the cuffs.

On the other end

Seth tossed Frita the Moo Milk to heal her pokemon and then started walking. Frita had bee known to wonder off and Seth didnt have the time for a long debate with her. Luna who was still upset about the stunt he pulled just followed behind him. Before Alyssa caught up with them. Seth words to the grunts were blunt.
"Hate me all you want, but I am the one who came back for you. Alyssa just walked away, she didnt even bother to check on either of you. She thinks so little of you she didnt even turn to look to see if you were okay...and for what some new kid she has a crush before you just settle in to me being a scumbag, you should really think about what just happened. Your "leader" left you out here to die.."

Seth's was a jerk they knew it but what he was saying wasnt so far off. Alyssa had just run off without trying to help them, they were in more danger then Lee was and she didnt even bother to help them out or ask if they were okay. Luna frowned as the realization entered her mind.

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