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Default Re: ::Pe2k:: Nuzlocke Association

Starting an Eeveelocke NOW! I've beaten the first Gym on White, so now I can trade over a set of 6 Eevee. :D

I became a bit discouraged with Ninfia, but it's growing on me, I kinda like her now. :3



- Eeveelocke begins after the first Gym. All previous Pokemon must either be boxed for trading or released.
- Each Eevee has five lives. If one dies, it must be released, no exceptions. A new Eevee may be traded over after the next gym is beaten (if Eevee dies with 4 gym badges, I can replace it when I get the 5th).
- Each Eevee will be traded at Level 20.
- No other Pokemon can be caught. Shinies and Legendaries are the only exceptions.
- When Eevee reaches level 25, it must evolve. Exceptions are Espeon, Umbreon (which evolve via friendship and cannot be controlled), and Glaceon (which evolves at Twist Mountain, after level 25).
- Each Eevee is traded with it's evolutionary stone (if viable).
- Each Pokemon must be nicknamed.

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