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Default Re: Route 6

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: Heading to Nova in a hurry !!
In party:


In Box

JC looked up the road. Normally playful pokemon would make him smile but he still felt kinda off about the hole he had dug up. The ledyba were cool, but were not strong enough for this mission. As the Ledybe flew around the team looking for battles. JC looks up.
"Sorry guys, we can't play right now. We are on an important mission!"
Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
Name: Luis
Currently: Found some playful Ledybas
Party: Rick, Cage, Greed, Breeze, Aril

Maybe under different cicumstances I would have stopped to catch a Ledyba, but right now I was looking for something more powerful. Besides, I already have a Bug Pokemon with me and Aril would certainly be of more help with the experience she already has. "Sorry guys, we can't play right now. We are on an important mission!"

''Yeah, we are kind of busy right now. Maybe we can play some other day.'' The Ledybas seemed dissapointed with our answers and went back with their companions. Ah, those little guys are so carefree. They don't have to worry about a thing.
Indeed, the Ledyba do seem disappointed, but I'm certain they would understand if they knew your circumstances.

At any rate, the bugs fly off, and you are free to continue your wandering through the Route. However, Luis notices that one of the bugs seem to have dropped something...

Luis obtained a Poke Ball!

While Luis is picking up the Poke Ball, Emma glanced up the path.

"JC? I think something's following those Ledyba..." she points to the shadows between the trees. JC follows her gaze and indeed sees a round shape slipping past the trunks. But suddenly, like a light flicking on, a ball of red light blinks open and stares at them.

Emma shrieks and hides behind JC as the Pokemon appears...

"Make it go away, make it go away!" Emma trembles, fleeing further from the ghost and taking shelter behind Luis.

This Duskull appears to be alone, but whether or not it is one that you've fought remains to be seen. Write a paragraph about a battle if you wish to capture it.

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