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Default Re: Mewtwo Invasion Blitz RP: Lab-rynth

I studied my surroundings. I found myself admitting that my ability to flop was rather slow paced. There was a room, it appeared to have a Nidoking. I had initially decided that it would not be a good idea to mess with it. I flopped forward until realizing that there was a strange formation. Yes a formation even stranger then a well lit cave. The formation did not have a slope but it led up.

I quickly realised tht it would be impossible to flop up this strange formation. There was an identical formation heading down. I was unsure as to whether or not down would be a great idea. It seemed to easy. Like a trap, and I knew I would be unable to flop my way up.

This air was unpleasant enough. I wished for water but could not concieve where it could be.

I decided to go back and take a look at this Pokemon who seemed badly burned. If he was awake I may be able to use his assistance. If he wasn't, then I would be free to search the room. If he was unfriendly, then he would have to answer to my mighty splash attack!

I proceeded into the room with the Nidoking. I flopped at a comfortable pace. I took a moment to breathe before attempting to communicate with this being.
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