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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

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Max scooped the Spirit up from the ground, asking her a question, but the little ghost did not understand it. Her mind still felt under pressure, as if a forgotten memory was trying to push its way out. She watched the world move around her as Max carried her away, but he paused before one of the pods. Something must have come over him, as he was suddenly scraping away at the frost on the glass.

Then that face was revealed. And the memory broke loose.


That face looked tranquil now, but as the memory rushed forward like a river undammed the Spirit was seeing that face glowing warmth, smiling as she turned her head back and forth. It took the Spirit a while to realize that it was a reflection--she was seeing through the eyes of the girl, looking into a mirror.

"Char, are you coming? Hurry up you Slowpoke!"

The girl's reflection crinkled its nose, though a bright light continued to spark in her eyes. "Hold your Ponytas, sis! I'm coming~!"

The Spirit's vision changed as the girl looked away from the mirror, and she was now looking through a cluttered room. The vision zeroed in on a backpack, which was quickly scooped in a pair of hands.

"Char, you're going to be late! You'll miss out on picking a Charmander!"

The girl whose eyes the Spirit saw through laughed, "No way! Professor Oak promised he'd save one for me!"

The girl gave the room one last fond look, beaming brightly. "Here it goes!" she said to herself. "After today, everything will change. I'm going to live my dream!"


The memory faded, and the Spirit realized Max was looking down at her.

"You know whats on the other side of this glass dont you?" he asked.

The Spirit moved her gaze to the pod. "Yes. That's... me." I'm... dead...

Max looked at the pod thoughtfully. "I am going to try something that Im not sure Im capable of doing, but im going to need your help."

The Spirit suddenly jumped forward, forcing herself into the air. Though she still quavered some, she was adamant when she said, "Anything. I'll do anything you need..."

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