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Default Re: Pokémon hints and trivia

Originally Posted by Judgmental Arceus View Post
I couldn't battle competitively if I wanted to. Not only did I break all of my DSs, I lost my White so I couldn't fight on Gen V level if I tried.

On top of all that, I hate EV training with a passion.
Maybe I'm weird, but I kinda enjoy EV training. I consider that "bonding time" with my crew. However, I don't do the metagame thing; I stink out loud at it and I hate the thought of watching my guys faint. Not only that, I'd get the one jerk who would either rub it in that s/he won or would ragequit if I was going to win.

So yeah, no competitive battling for moi.

TRIVIA: Out of all non-Legendary Ghost Pokemon, Golurk is the tallest.

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