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OOC: Only Luca for now. Cannot think of anything for Lilith. o_e

Luca Brown
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Luca could tell that it was going to be one of those days the moment he woke up.

Ignoring the fact that he had probably only slept for four hours on a mattress full of bugs, he had a crick in his back and dread in the pit of his stomach. The crick in his back could easily be traced to the mattress being flatter then he thought was actually possible, but the dread was a little harder to place. Eventually, after the third cup of hotel coffee that tasted like foot, he felt cognizant enough to work out the problem. He didn't have anything to dread. The full moon was a good week or two away, he hadn't encountered nor heard of any werewolf hunters in the area, and there shouldn't be anything untoward about the town. Regardless, disquiet gnawed at him, making him jump at every movement and noise. Luca rubbed his face. He had initially planned to pass through town and head to the next spot, as he hadn't heard of anyone non human living in town that might be involved in Rosemary's disappearance. But his instincts seemed to be trying to tell him there might be something in this town after all.

Luca considered this. He hadn't seen much of the town when driving through it last night- or really, very early in the morning. It could be a small town or a sizable community that he had barely entered. If he stayed in the town's good parts, it wasn't likely he would be attacked by anything mythological or otherwise. Besides, he was probably one of the scariest beings in the town. If something was to happen today, he wanted to see it.

Of course, that meant he had to stay in the fleabag hotel. He eyed the lobby, which had peeling wallpaper and lighting that made everything look sickly. He could probably last one more night. Not that he particularly wanted to. Luca sighed and stood up from the table that the hotel graciously provided. He wouldn't see anything if he hung around here. He walked through the lobby and pushed open the hotel doors, exiting onto the paved parking lot. It was mostly empty, except for a few banged up cars and birds pecking the ground. He plodded over to his car, a dented pickup that had probably once been red. He gave it a precursory glance, then looked down the road into town. If he was going to explore the town, he might as well walk. He shrugged his shoulders and began to amble towards town.

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