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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

(Your going to have to let lee go, Meghan. I have other plans for Lee that go beyond the Silver thread. I wont stop you from leaving but you cant find Lee...)

Location: A farm..


Seth watches her walk away. He calls out to her.
"You have a duty to Team Chrome! Your are suppose to be the leader ! You dont seem to give a crap that two people could be injured or dead in that field.

Seth turns towards the field rushing to see how Frita and Luna were. Seth makes his way over to Luna. As he crosses the field he picks up her note pad. Luna gets up off the ground. She grabs her note book writing out a note that doesnt seem very favorable to Seth. Seth pauses finally responding.
" Not sure its possible for that to go there...No point in crying over split milk Luna. " Seth pulls out an egg handing it to her, and enough Moo Milk to heal her team. He then walks up to Frita who doesnt look happy with him.
"Before you start...Dont..What happened happened. " He tosses her a Moo Milk. (The Moo Milk disappears All her pokemon are healed.)

Oblvion you need to keep the pokemon stats in each post, also did you beat the gym ??

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