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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

(Latio this part of the story is up to you, its your thoughts, I can lead you to a place but I dont know what would be in this place...)

Location: Outside the pokemon center.

(Left Behind)

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Red Team had ended up in a strange storage room. The room was filled with nine steel pods that decorated edge of the room. Each pod had a small window near the top. Rubbery hoses hung down from the wall. As the room looked around. Latio(DD) was the first to notice the contents of the steel pods. Each of the nine pods had contained a person. The true nature of the pods was unclear for that reason the group decided not to open them. The energy of the room caused the pyshics to feel a little confused. The poor Spirit became overwhelmed crying out before falling to the ground.

Max turned quickly noticing the spirit down. He bend over picking the Spirit up.
"Its here isnt it." Max said looking at the Spirit.
Moon and Spin followed behind, Moon staying oddly quiet the whole time.

As Max carried the little Spirit towards the edge of the room a strong wave of emotion came over him. He turned quickly to the last pod in the room. Something inside him cried out as he walked over. Using his hands to wipe off the frost covered glass he looked in. His only words in the form of almost whisper were beautiful. The girl behind the glass looked almost peaceful. Max looked at the girl with a bit of amazement. He quickly looked down at the fading Spirit.
" You know whats on the other side of this glass dont you ?
He paused for a moment
"I am going to try something that Im not sure Im capable of doing, but im going to need your help.."

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