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Default Re: URPG Valentine Auction '13

Free For All
No Held Items
No Sleep Moves (bar Rest)
No Evasion Moves
No Perish Song
Hit All Hit One
No Encore
No Redirection
Intimidate Negated
Haze Allowed
Acupressure and Helping Hand can target others
Illusion Pokemon can randomly disguise themselves at the beginning
*You get to send 2 Pokemon out on the field at the same time. However, you may only target an opposing Pokemon with one of your Pokemon. This means that you cannot pile attacks/moves on others (eg. you cannot attack or direct any attacks on a same Pokemon in the same turn). These 2 Pokemon must be a combination of Male/Female. Genderless Pokemon needs to be paired with genderless.

Slowking was healing Snorlax like a boss while the fat ass Belly Drummed its way to a strategic victory. Well played by Ash.

bestyxD with Flareon & Leafeon ends 9th, and gets $1000 x 2 = $2000.
Ayotui with Poliwrath & Ninjask ends 8th, and gets $1000 x 2 = $2000.
Fossil Fusion with Gengar & Alakazam ends 7th, and gets $1000 x 2 = $2000.
Kantomasta with Mightyena & Lucario ends 6th, and gets $1500 x 2 = $3000.
Sky Lark with Togekiss & Gengar ends 5th, and gets $2000 x 2 = $4000.
Airik with Mandibuzz & Amoonguss ends 4th, and gets $2500 x 2 = $5000.
Roren with Gliscor & Dragonite ends 3rd, and gets $3000 x 2 = $6000.
Dog of Hellsing with Drapion & Serperior becomes runner up, and gets $3500 x 2 = $7000.
Ash K. with Slowking & Snorlax wins, and gets $4000 x 2 = $8000.

I should get $9000 for reffing.

For winning this Valentine FFA Special, Ash K. gets to claim a Hard Pokemon of his choice. Jess also gets to claim a Medium Pokemon of her choice for getting runner up.

All of the participants also have their prize money doubled. In addition, those that didn't manage to win or get runner up but participated in the FFA - can instead claim a Simple Pokemon of your choice.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. ♥
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