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Default Re: Back to Basics: Fossil Fusion Moved

Fossil Fusion
Ranger: Gaius Tyrannius
Trainer: Chris
Area: Enigma Ruins
NBP #17

“Come on Gaius, I have lots of more Pokemon to encounter!” Chris said, his enthusiasm returning to him now that he caught another Pokemon.” Let’s go!”

Very rarely did someone leave a run early without catching the full amount, so Gaius figured that was what Chris wanted to do, especially since the Pokemon that run across so far left much to be desired.

While the Enigma Ruins were a total mystery, all the rangers knew the layout of the place in case they ever got lost or needed to locate something. The two had already penetrated deep into the interior of the ruins, and Gaius knew them to be on the second level underground. Chris could only encounter four more Pokemon that he had the option of catching, so it was best for them to be working their way to the front as soon as possible. Luckily, there was a shaft just a little ways ahead that would work it's way to a room near the front. It was only a ten minute walk so they would reach it shortly.

Gaius located the direction he wanted to take and set off. After a few minutes of walking Gaius saw the opening to the tunnel. Guarding the entrance however was a small grey and black dog, a Poochyena.

As the background of the ruins started to change to resemble the from of the Meteor Valley, Gaius turned to Chris. "Are you interested in a Poochyena?"


Trainer Info

Name: Chris
Location: Enigma Ruins
Trainer Items: Park balls x 2, Superball x 2, Hyper Ball x 1, Max Potions x 2, Pokeplayer(Drilbur), Park Pass
Area Effects: 4 Encounters Remaining | Sun - 2
Pokemon Encountered: ??? Tympole ??? | ??? Corphish ??? | ??? Whismur ??? | ??? Munna ??? | ??? Growlithe ??? | ??? Magikarp ??? | M Farfetch’d Jolly | ??? Shinx ??? | ??? Swinub ??? | ??? Slugma ??? | ??? Totodile ??? | ??? Magnemite ??? | Sassy Yanma M | ??? Poochyena ??? |
Pokemon Captured: M Farfetch'd Jolly | M Yanma Sassy |
CC since last encounter: 647

Pokemon Stats:
Modest | Genderless | Cryogonal @ Levitate w/ EMs: Substitute, Toxic, Protect, Blizzard, Hidden Power[Electric] | 50.87%

Adamant | Male | Nidoking @ Sheer Force w/ EMs: Ice Beam, Sludge Bomb, Thunderbolt, Earthquake, Substitute, Surf, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Hone Claws, Outrage | 100%

Coordinator Stat's

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