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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Location: A farm..


Fritas joy ride ended moments after that. As Miltank heard the calls of the farmer. One hard shake and Frita fell to the ground. Miltank then moved into rollout and headed towards the barn.

Seth stayed focused as Lee put his hands in his pockets and walked away. The plan had been genius. The sorry sap had just bought it. This was easier then taking candy from a baby. After Lee had disappeared into the scenic backdrop of the farm Seth finally let out a little snicker. As he turned to find the girls he noticed the very angry Alyssa coming towards him. Seth being the cocky person he was just continued to laugh as he walked over to greet him. Seth picked back up the eggs walking over.
"Look, it had to be done..I mean the goal was reached."

Meanwhile Lee had reached the edge of the farm, he could not longer see the chrome grunts or the farm house. Everything that he had been working for seemed to just slip away from him, he was tired confused and had missed his chance at the shadow guy.. If things weren't already bad they were about to get much worse. As Le slipped into surrounding forest to take break he was approached by two shady characters.

"Whats worse than a chrome grunt on a mission, Sam." The guy looked at his ninja like cohort
"What Joel?" She said.
"A chrome who lose his inform and team..." Joel smirks.
Sam rolls her eyes looking at Lee. turning to Lee

"It must be your unlucky day kid.."

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