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Default Re: Mewtwo Invasion Blitz RP: Lab-rynth

I looked, still waiting for that Pokemon to arrive (perhaps they did something to my ears?), noticing my surroundings. Many, many things were around here, including a convenient...Thingy on wheels. A closer inspection proved I could push it. What fun, pushing the mobile thingy on wheels! But I didn't goof off, no no, more important things were at hand. I looked into the ventilation shaft...My eyes were as keen in the dark as they were the light, but that was with some slight form of light: a glimmering star, a sliver of moon, something that emitted light. Not that absolute darkness.

I highly doubted I would want to go into those caves. I looked back at the cart, and inspected it a little better. Certianly that thingy hanging off of it would serve the purpose of hiding me while I pushed it...But what would push it so that it would look completely unsuspecting?

The doors held no interest: I already had my small thing of weirdness, and I would waste no further time here. I was going to climb into the cave, hopeful that nothing bad happened. Tally ho!
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