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Default Re: Registration Headquarters

Originally Posted by Digital View Post

[Mr Illusion] Zoura (M)
Ability: Illusion
Stats: N/A
Signature Move: None

For Tournament
Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post

Wisp (Rotom) (-)
Ability: Levitate.
Sig move: None
(instant evolution)
I want to go with Rotom (Wash Form)

Fire Fly (Beldum) (Male)
Ability: Flame Body.
Sig move: None.
(been 24 hours since I bought this guy)
Originally Posted by Trainer17 View Post
Litwick -> Lampent (12 hours)
Lampent -> Chandelure [Instant]

Pupitar -> Tyranitar (36 hours)

Will be back for Chandelure 1 day later, and Poopy 3 days laterrr.
Note: These Evolutions are void, as the users didn't post Appeals in the Mewtwo Invasion.
I need a new sig, uhg.
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