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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

[Sabaku Doragon] Trapinch (M)
Ability: Hyper Cutter
Obtained: [Fedora's Birthday]
Signature Move: Desert Pit
Trapinch naturally dig pits in the desert to trap it's prey at the bottom. This had helped in the wild until Lord Fedora took him, gave him to Jenn who which gave it to me until he had trouble with battles. He seemed to not be able to attack his enemies like he could inside pits. So, he developed a plan.

Sabaku Doragon (S.D.) digs a pit as he would in the wild. However, this one can be gotten out of. SD just loves to watch his opponents crawl out in pain. Back to the move. He then proceeds to cover up the pit to hid it. Taunting the opponent so he/she/it could come towards him, the cover breaks, trapping the foe. Now, for a while, SD can attack without missing.

Type: Ground
BP: ---
Accuracy: 100%
Classification: Special
Energy Mod: 15
Impact: Single Target
Priority: 2
Effects: SD creates a hole to trap the opponent in. Once the foe falls into the hole, he/she/it is trapped for four actions. No moves can be used except for the following:

-Sunny Day
-Rain Dance
-Morning Sun

In short, any move that boosts stats only. As well as ones that can lower stats. All moves that SD uses on the opponent successfully hit unless they have no effect on the Pokemon. This move cannot be used on other Ground type Pokemon, seeing as they could dig a tunnel out of there. This does not work on Flying type Pokemon either unless they are somehow grounded.
Usage Gap: Once per battle


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