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Default Re: Small Trades Thread- January Edition

Originally Posted by TunableMinotuar View Post
Which game:Platinum
In Game Name:Ash
Friend Code:3096-6028-4445
How you want to be contacted:Pm or facebook (just pm if you want the Fb)
Pokemon/Item wanted:one of this darkrai,shaymin,arcues,deoxys,celebi,mew,jirachi, or spiritomb
Pokemon/Item offered:i have masterballs, rarecandies, and starter up to 3rd generation i have extra legendaries for ex. the 3 legendary birds, groudon and some other more i have to see but we can negotiate
*all legit*
I have a lvl25 spirittomb whihc legendaries are you willing to trade? I already have giratina, dialga, palkia, azelf, uxie, mesprite, heatran, rayquaza, kyogre, latias, the regis, regigigas, and cresselia. But any others I would DEFINITELY agree to trade my spirittomb for . A masterball would also be great I play pokemon diamond and pearl but we can still trade contact me soon thanks :)

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