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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Name: Meghan
Location: With Chrome Grunts


Other Items:
Murkrow Egg

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The events that occured seemingly out of nowhere had thrown Meghan for a loop, and the amount of confusion that ensued on the farm nearly made her head spin. She had seen the Haunter and knew exactly who's it was.

"Seth...I'm going to MURDER you when I find you.." She growled, taking off towards the house. She released her Beedrill, who shot ahead of her. It fired a few Pin Missiles towards the farmer, making him stumble back away from the porch. It used Double Team, surrounding him and his wife and forcing him even further away. Meghan took the chance of distraction to get under the porch and grab Lee's arm "Come on." She spat, pulling him from under the porch before they started to run "Frita, come on!!" She shouted to the girl over the roar of the stampeding Miltank.

Her Beedrill was doing a good job of distracting the farmer, and continued to do so until the three of them were out of range of his shotgun. The Beedrill flew back as quickly as it could, flanking the three of them.

"You okay?" Meghan asks, worry coating her words as she looked back at Lee, who she was still holding onto.

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