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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Location: Outside the pokemon center.

(Left Behind)

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Moon had been quiet the whole time. Since returning from the gateway she had been different. Max felt the two of them moving apart more everyday. They had come close to something special but now it seemed like Moon was only focused on her own thoughts. Her inner struggle over what she believed she had done was all she focused on. Spin had also changed since the gateway. She had not saved Scar and had no answers to what had happened. Markus(DD) took a deep breath walking in. He knew before they steeped in what to expect. He just waited to see it play out. Looking at Gold he tried to stay friendly as he imagined the real Markus would.
"Its going to get cold everyone, do what you can to bundle up." Markus could see his words in the bitter air.

Max looked at the Spirit.
"I dont like it either..."Max says with a bit of sadness. He stopped checking out a Magnemite. It seems as if they were emitting a low level of electricity could they have been powering the place. As they continued on, they finally found there way to some kind of storage room. Max looked around noticing the tanks. He looked down at the Spirit hoping she would not freak out. Markus(DD) walked up to one running his hand over the glass. He knew already knew that there were people in there, but he acted surprised.
"these..these pods are filled with people.."

In the other dimension..

Markus realizes he cant just stay there and started moving forward. Every blocked memory seemed to be gaining more power in this world. Scar followed Markus but he was no more apart of the situation then someone watching a play.

"Dredd is a bit of an anomaly actually. He is the only one of his kind, only part of his soul is trapped down here. You would consider it his human side...Max is down here somewhere. The rest of his soul seems to be scattered all over. The part that connected to Darkrai and Mew now roams the planet."

Scar led Markus through a hazy field int he background a volcano loomed.

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